Regulatory intelligence

Understanding the regulatory environment is essential for being able to evaluate risks and returns in specific markets, and to improve business decision making that maximizes value. In Mexico, this challenge has grown because of the diversity of authorities and criteria, growing transparency, and deficiencies in the regulatory environment and its enforcement.

The current environment of reform and institutional change complicates the task of understanding signals that are sometimes weak, fragmented, ambiguous or biased.

Having access to timely, accurate, analytical and context-specific information about the regulatory environment helps to effectively calibrate entry into the Mexican market, to evaluate direct or financial investment opportunities, and to understand the impact of reform proposals on the rules and the players involved.

Why Agon?

Our approach

Agon’s multidisciplinary approach allows us to extract the structural implications of emerging information in regulated markets.

We don’t rely on rumors or conventional wisdom. We blend diverse and fragmented information into thoughtful explanations and robust predictions.

Because we understand the vision and actions of regulators, and the effect that they have on markets, we help our clients make better decisions.


  • Facilitating access to and understanding of the Mexican market for companies or new investment proposals in regulated sectors.
  • Timely and accurate information on regulatory events, tendencies and perspectives for institutional investors and analysts.
  • Regulatory risk evaluation for investment projects or opportunities.
  • Regulatory and competition due diligence for investors.

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