Regulatory improvement

Regulatory improvement seeks to ensure that rules necessary for protecting health, safety and the environment do not create unnecessary barriers or distortions that inhibit innovation and economic growth. It is the essence of good government.

In Mexico, efforts in this field are still incipient at all levels of government, and have traditionally been limited to a focus of cost reduction that is insufficient for modernizing the way in which economic activity is regulated.

In increasingly dynamic and globalized markets, the capacities of federal, state and municipal governments to use powerful regulatory tools with care and precision can become an important competitive advantage in the competition to attract investment, generate high-value projects and stimulate economic growth.

Today’s world requires agile, transparent, accountable and efficient governments that know how to optimize the use of resources and uphold the rule of law.

Why Agon?

Our partners have been a part of institutions that have designed, promoted and implemented regulatory improvement programs in Mexico and the world. We have been central figures at the Economic Deregulation Unit of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, that generated fundamental reforms for transforming Mexico into a modern market economy, at the Federal Regulatory Improvement Commission, in charge of promoting regulations that generate the maximum benefit for society, and at the Federal Economic Competition Commission, whose mandate includes advocacy for regulatory frameworks that promote market efficiency.

We have participated in the design of legislative reforms that created Mexico’s regulatory improvement, freedom of information and competition policies; and cooperated in the establishment of international criteria and recommendations, and have been members of the regulatory reform and competition bureaus of the OECD. Our systems for regulatory and institutional process design have received awards from the World Bank, the Federal Institute for Access to Information and the Comptroller General of Mexico.

Our approach

Agon builds the capacities, the processes and the individual actions necessary for governments to regulate well. We improve the way regulation is designed and enforced in order to achieve solutions that are effective and procompetitive, today and in the future.

At Agon, our experience allows us to understand what preferences and restrictions governments and regulatory agencies face. As a result, we can them translate international best practices into operable and effective solutions that allow for the construction of productive and transparent relationships with regulated parties.


Institutional development

  • Design and development of institutions and their regulatory capacities
  • Implementation of methods for the generation, cataloguing and evaluation of regulatory impact assessments
  • Design of central registers of regulations and formalities, methods for estimating regulatory costs, and of inspections and evaluation of regulatory compliance
  • Planning and implementation of systems for expediting business start-ups
  • Design, implementation and operation of computerized systems for the administration of institutional processes
  • Training for regulators in regulatory and competition best practice
  • Establishment, administration and implementation of public consultation processes
  • Institutional evaluations and ex post review of regulatory decisions

Regulatory diagnosis and design

  • Diagnosis of regulatory problems
  • Analysis and specific regulatory reform proposals
  • Generation of precompetitive reform initiatives to improve government rankings in studies such as the World Bank’s Doing Business


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