Public Strategy

In regulated markets, an essential part of the work of both private and public actors is public strategy: understanding the incentives of different players, influencing the process of drafting and application of rules, and effectively shaping the public agenda. In Mexico, the dispersion of the public sector and the prevalence of powerful private interests multiply the challenges of drafting and executing a public strategy that can effectively promote a level playing field and legal certainty.

The traditional mechanisms of influence peddling, favors and pressure applied behind closed doors has led to a growing demand for informed public debate, on more transparent terms, less dominated by special interests. Old and outdated tactics have gradually lost effectiveness, and are recurrently counterproductive.

This has opened the door for a more open and rational focus, based on technical arguments, aimed at building sustainable coalitions and persuading decision makers about the merits of the issues.

Why Agon?

Our partners have led the process of negotiation, lobbying and communication that led to two major reforms to the Federal Economic Competition Law. We have advised diverse political parties in the design of the 2013 constitutional reforms on competition and telecommunications that led to the deepest reform of the legislative and institutional framework in the last two decades. We have participated in (and in various cases detonated) the public discussion on legislative and administrative reforms of pensions systems, retail banking, international trade, telecommunications and broadcasting, airports, freedom of information, and administrative procedures, among others, that have consistently led to procompetitive reforms.

We have also directed the Federal Competition Commission’s communication strategy for nearly a decade, elevating the institution’s public profile and the relevance of competition policy in Mexico in the process.

Our approach

Agon considers that effective public strategy is the result of informed, substantive discussion. We design arguments and actions on the basis of our deep seated knowledge of markets and regulatory instruments.

We are convinced that traditional public strategies have to evolve in order to be useful. That is why we aim to convince with hard data and substantive arguments, instead of resorting to influence peddling or pressure.

We don’t echo slogans and buzzwords. We are analytical and persuasive.

At Agon we know the culture, the practice and the players involved. That’s why we’re able to find the way for sound arguments prevail over preconceptions, resistance, and fear of political costs.


  • Design of tailored strategies to resolve complex public issues.
  • Alignment of all fronts in the execution and coordination of specialist advisors.
  • Advocacy before Congress; federal, state and municipal governments; and regulatory agencies.
  • Design and delivery of targeted messages and overall communication strategies.


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