International Trade

Taking advantage of the possibilities created by the integration of production chains and making the most of comparative advantages through international trade is a key component of global economic activity. Despite having one of the most open trade regimes in Latin America and a broad network of free trade agreements, Mexico’s trade activity has been dominated by a relatively small number of dynamic companies, that trade in a limited number of products, with a small group of countries.

Trade facilitation, and the negotiation of new regional and multilateral trade agreements, requires a deepening of Mexico’s integration into the world economy and the creation of new opportunities for domestic and international market access.

The challenge is to achieve a true democratization of crossborder trade opportunities. But companies will only be able to reap the full benefits of commercial exchanges if the regulatory environment is cleared of technical, legal and bureaucratic barriers that reduce legal certainty and limit opportunities.

Why Agon?

Our partners have held key posts in the design and implementation of Mexico’s trade policy, and at the world’s three main international trade policy centers: Geneva, Washington and Brussels. We have participated in the negotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Mexico-European Union Free Trade Agreement and the WTO’s Doha Round, among others, and also in the design of Mexico’s Customs Law and Foreign Trade Law.

In addition, we have been panelists for a number of commercial dispute settlement proceedings, represented Mexico in more than 30 disputes before the WTO, and been members of Mexico’s Foreign Trade Commission for over a decade.

Our Approach

Agon sets itself apart by focusing on its clients’ needs from a multidisciplinary point of view. We do not mechanically interpret legal texts, nor do we limit ourselves to presenting economic models. Rather, we implement useful and coherent strategies that are technically solid and applicable to the real world.

At Agon, we can bridge dialogs with authorities and society in general to reach those objectives. We convince and persuade with hard facts and robust arguments, guaranteeing productive and sustainable solutions.

We believe in what we have worked on for years: freer markets and the possibility for all to compete on equal footing. Our work helps our clients eliminate artificial barriers to international trade and create conditions that allow entrepreneurial talent and creativity to flourish.


Trade negotiations

  • Advisory services in international trade issues, including international trade negotiations between private parties or governments.


  • Advisory services and representation in commercial disputes, including those derived from trade and cooperation agreements to which Mexico is a party, as well as trade arbitration.
  • Advice and representation in issues relating to unfair trade practices, technical rules and standards, customs and sanitary measures, and other restrictions to the import, export or commercialization of goods or services.
  • Substantive interaction with and preparation of proposals to be presented to decision makers within the Mexican government and international organizations.


  • Studies on the effects of proposed or existing international trade measures, within and beyond Mexico.
  • Identification of commercial opportunities in specific markets resulting from trade policy measures taken by the Mexican or foreign governments.


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