Economic Regulation

Economic regulation establishes market rules and is a crucial factor influencing the welfare of businesses and consumers. In many sectors, Mexico’s regulations are outdated, inappropriately designed, or applied in an institutional setting that creates legal uncertainty or an uneven playing field for market participants. As a result, regulatory frameworks are often key impediments to investment, innovation, and economic development in general.

Society and government are increasingly aware of this problem, and have driven reform of both the regulatory framework and the institutions in charge of implementing it. An ever growing number of sectors are undergoing analysis of structural change to modernize regulations and align them with the common interest.

The challenge now is to ensure that the push for reform translates into technically solid measures, that are institutionally feasible and politically viable, and that favor entrepreneurial initiative within an environment of legal certainty and equitable conditions for all players.

Why Agon?

  • Telecommunications
  • Radio and television
  • Banking
  • Pensions
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Fuel
  • Aviation
  • Airports
  • Trucking
  • Ports
  • Railroads
  • International trade
  • Mail and messenger services
  • Intellectual property
  • Health care and pharmaceuticals
  • Editorial industry
  • Agriculture markets
  • Professional services
  • Retail
  • Our approach

    At Agon, we integrate all technical and strategic aspects to design and implement regulatory solutions that reward entrepreneurial initiative and favor efficient market development. We help our clients concentrate on creating value, rather than worrying about the distortions created by poor regulatory design.

    We take advantage of our partners’ diverse experience and our close knit relationships with sectoral experts to build strategies that adhere to highest economic and legal standards, that integrate past lessons learned and methods that have a proven track record, and that we apply to the specificities of each case.

    Agon facilitates productive relationships with regulators and authorities, based on rigorous technical discussion, in search of creative solutions that protect the long-term interests of our clients.

    Our solutions are politically realistic, institutionally feasible, and technically solid. That is the basis of our success.



    • Evaluations and recommendations to improve regulatory compliance


    • Promotion of modifications to regulatory frameworks
    • Representation before regulatory authorities

    Regulatory design

    • Regulatory impact analysis
    • Regulatory design and reform of existing regulation (regulatory incentives and governance)
    • Organization of and participation in public hearings


    • Market studies that evaluate the impact and effectiveness of existing or proposed regulations


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