We know competition law and practice
like no other firm in Mexico.
We help build constructive relationships between
our clients and regulators.
We protect our clients from economic and reputational damage
in regulatory matters.
We are a diverse team that covers all the angles.
We guarantee solutions that are politically realistic, institutionally
feasible and technically solid..
We reveal the structural implications
of current events.
We convince and persuade with hard facts and robust arguments.
We develop productive solutions that are sustainable in the long run.

Regulatory environments evolve quickly, both nationally and internationally. In Mexico, stricter rules, higher fines, increasingly vigorous decisions by more professional regulators, and more in-depth review by specialized courts, all mean that potential regulatory risks are much higher than just a few years ago. But the opportunities for businesses and consumers are also great if these risks are skillfully managed.

This is the context in which Agon has emerged as a trusted ally and advisor that:

  • reduces regulatory risk,
  • helps take advantage of emerging opportunities,
  • designs and executes productive and sustainable interaction strategies with regulators, and
  • promotes an even playing field that rewards entrepreneurial initiative.

Agon’s partners have influenced Mexico’s transformation in the last 20 years on a number of different fronts, from the North American Free Trade Agreement to the constitutional reform in competition and telecommunications in 2013. Today we are putting this experience to use in various disciplines to help private and public actors overcome the challenges and reap the benefits of the new and evolving regulatory environment within and beyond Mexico. Our work is guided by strict professional and ethical principles and draws from our associations with top institutions and a wide array of affiliated experts.

Agon Abogados